COVID-19 Club Arrangements

The Club Committee have reviewed the information issues by the UK Government and consulted guidelines running UKA. These decision has been made that we can start to open up club nights, but under specific guidlines which are detailed below. These club nights are restricted to club members only at this stage. If you are interested in joining the club, please do get in touch with us seperately.


Club runs will start on Monday 6th July with members running in groups of no more than 6 starting at 5 minute intervals (i.e. 7.00. 7.05, 7,10).  You must  pre book your intention to join a particular group.
Certain ground rules apply which must be adhered to:-
1.       Do NOT run if you are presenting any COVID-19 symptoms.
2.       Do NOT run if you are self-isolating  - even if you have no COVID-19 symptoms (for example, if you have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace)
3.       You are strongly advised not to run if you are protecting somebody classed as extremely vulnerable.
4.       Park in the school layby at the Hurst and remain in your car until it is time for your group to run.
5.       If you are late for your group start time then I’m afraid you can’t run.
6.       You must book onto a slot to run.  We will keep the records of who has run with who in case there is a need to disclose people we have been near.
7.       We are adhering to the current limits of the number of athletes allowed to run together according to Government COVID rules and England Athletics guidelines but please refrain from wearing club kit.  This is simply to protect the club from false accusations.
8.       Maintain social distancing during the run.
9.       If you encounter another group during the run do not mix or exchange runners between groups.  You can wave from a distance obviously.
10.   At the end of your run don’t hang about for longer than necessary.
We suggest that the faster people book onto the 7.00 slot and so on.


Remember, the Hurst is closed so there will no access to toilets, lockers or showers.  Obviously, if the national or local lockdown situation changes then we will revise this plan.

NOTE - By clicking this button you confirm you agree and will adhere to the rules on these controlled club nights