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Tadley Youth Running Club is the youth section of Tadley Runners. It's only just getting started with the first session on 17th April 2018.

This is a


.  The club was approached about the formation of a junior club in Tadley and the wish to be associated with Tadley Runners.  We have had 2 discussions to discuss plans and aspirations and the great news is that the Tadley Youth Running Club first session is planned for Tuesday 17th April at 6pm.
TYRC will be run by Kate Robson and Keith Bushnell who are both Tadley residents and members of B&MH AC and Bramley Trial Runners respectively.  The plan is for sessions in the summer at Burnham Copse School from 6 to 7 pm on Tuesdays.  A winter venue is still being investigated.  TYRC will affiliate via Tadley Runners and as time goes by we will develop links between the “junior” and “senior” sections of the club.
The initial interest that Kate and Keith have received is very encouraging – not surprising as there are waiting lists for the junior sections of other clubs locally (Basingtoke, Kennet etc.)   Kate has formed a FB group for Tadley Youth Running Club.  If any club member wishes to become involved then you would be very welcome and obviously your kids too (aged 7 -17).
There will be some admin type changes and policies that we may have to adopt at the AGM.   Hope that you all support this exciting development for Tadley Runners and for aspiring young runners in and around Tadley.
We will keep you posted as the TYRC develops.

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